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A Special Review From A Special Person In My Life

I couldn’t put this book down!

When All Else Fails, Sell! snuck up on me. I thought it would be just a light read  that I could skim through quickly to gain a few feel-good nuggets of wisdom. Was I ever surprised when I was completely hooked by the end of the first chapter!

It’s a mystery, it’s action-packed, it’s a romance, it’s poignant, it’s a success manual…and mostly it’s really a great story! So great it gave me a chill, made me smile, caused me to become tearful, and yes, left me feeling not only inspired and motivated, but also a whole lot wiser, happier and self-confident.

It’s as if the essence of Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert H. Schuller, Wayne Dyer and Zig Ziglar are all rolled up into a modern fable that is served on a silver platter to all the wonderful souls who have served to protect America’s freedom so well and who now need a guide for their own future. This book is a success guide for everyone of any age.

– Edward A. Taub, M.D.
Author, Family Doctor, Former Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Coast Guard


When All Else Fails, Sell! Quotes


“When All Else Fails, Sell! exemplifies the incredible foresight and principles of David Oliphant, who I was fortunate enough to meet some 40 years ago. David approached me, knowing I was a single mom, looking for a full-time job, with three words I’ll never forget, “You can sell!” He hired me, introducing me to the wonderful world of books and four years later, said, “You have outgrown us, it’s time for you to move on.” A glowing recommendation followed and today, 37 years later, I am proud to say, I’m still in the business I have grown to love, thanks to David, my mentor, my friend.”

Elaine Lasky,
National Accounts Manager, Barron’s Educational Series


“When All Else Fails, Sell! is an inspirational and motivational story. The characters were so interesting and believable that I wanted more and tried to research them on the internet! The selling techniques here are part of all successful selling, and vividly brought to life with the characters in the book.”

Bruce J. Micucci, U.S. Marines 1969 – 1972
President Micucci Wholesale Foods, Inc.


“When All Else Fails, Sell!, a compelling story, dives deeper into what motivates good people to do great things. This is one of the most valuable and insightful books you can read, because it adheres to a philosophy of morally-based principles that will help everyone – whether or not your chosen profession is sales.”

William Ney, Tangoe, Inc., VP Alliance Management


“A great read, and a very engaging story. When All Else Fails, Sell! can help anyone trying to find their path to financial independence.”

Tim Harvey, Former 1st Lt. USMC
Chief Executive Officer, Perimeter eSecurity


“When All Else Fails, Sell! educates and inspires the reader to believe, and conceive their boldest dreams, and highest expression of life — a truly empowering book that will transform your life!”

Dr. James Rouse, QVC’s Wellness Doctor,
Founder Of Optimum Wellness Media


“This book really hit home with me because it was so similar to my own life experiences. When I came out of the Service, I came back home with no prospects. My mother was a district manager for a chain of retail stores and since it was nearing the holidays, they needed seasonal help. She asked me if I would come aboard as a sales person. I was such a good sales person, I surprised myself and after the holiday season, they offered me an assistant manager’s position and I jumped at the chance. Six months later, I was offered the coveted manager’s position in their brand-new store. After managing that store for a few years, I decided to go out on my own and open my own store which turned into a successful chain.”

“It’s no secret that the same skills that make a good sales person today have been the same throughout time – as referenced in this wonderful book. This book will inspire others who are not sure what career path to take…and show them how they too can be a great sales person. I found this book to be an entertaining and inspiring read and you will, also!”

Guy Martin
82nd Airborne Division 1974-1978


“David Oliphant’s When All Else Fails, Sell! wraps a heartwarming story around a substantive message. Anyone who is involved in selling in any way–which is almost everyone these days–will not only enjoy reading it but will also benefit from the practical wisdom it conveys. It is hard to know which aspect of the book is more inspirational: the narrative about one man’s road to recovery, or the lessons it imparts about how selling–when done properly–can be a noble endeavor. Either way, it’s a great read.”

Neal Goff,
Business Consultant & Former President, Weekly Reader Publishing Group


“I couldn’t put this book down! It reconfirms that honesty and commitment, combined with a belief in God is still a good place to be, both personally and in the business world. Through a story, this book presents the building blocks for a successful sales career. You can build your “career brand” by following the guidelines laid out on these pages. In my opinion, a successful sales engagement has a lot in common with a Military campaign, such as you must have a strategy and visualize success before it can be achieved. This is true in business, as it is on the battlefield.”

“When All Else Fails, Sell, is a great playbook and a wonderful motivational inspirational story. It will help you to be successful in your career, and in life.”

Stan Viner, General Manager/Banking Sales
Jack Henry & Associates


“When All Else Fails, Sell! is a story that makes the point that character is character, and that with the right application, it will lead to success, whatever the environment – a message that applies to everyone!”

Jim Randel, Founder & Publisher
Of The Skinny On Book Series


“When All Else Fails, Sell! is an excellent read. The principles outlined in the book apply to most everyone,
not only people who go into sales. Bravo! Great story!”

Alieta Kalman, Retired Professional