When All Else Fails, Sell!

An Inspirational, Motivational Story

By: David Oliphant

With Michael Levin


A blinding flash changed Mark Whitby’s life forever.

Captain Mark Whitby, U.S. Marines, was leading a convoy with a VIP from Washington through a dangerous valley in southern Afghanistan when an insurgent attack left several Marines dead and Mark gravely wounded…and a war hero.  After a lengthy rehab stint in a military hospital in Germany, Mark left the service and came back to the United States, facing a frightening economic future.

In a recession when eight million jobs were lost in a single year, how is Mark to survive?

In a world where the sales positions open to him – telemarketing, big box stores, car

dealership – all seemed to be based on jamming the customer in order to boost sales, how can he remain true to the values he embodied as a Marine? Mark is not alone.

Millions of Americans face the seemingly impossible choice of compromising their integrity or failing to feed and shelter themselves and their families. But there is a better way. 

When All Else Fails, Sell! tells the story of Mark’s journey from uncertainty to a solid career in sales…a career grounded in morality, integrity, and respect for oneself and one’s customers.  While in rehab, Mark meets and marries his nurse, Deborah, and together they learn that selling can be not just lucrative and emotionally rewarding but actually a noble calling. With the guidance of his grandfather, a World War II hero, Lawrence Whitby, Mark finds that success in selling requires the same virtues that brought him success in the military: courage, decency, honesty, hard work, imagination, and the will to succeed.

When All Else Fails, Sell! gives the reader a clear path to creating financial freedom and personal independence.  The story, in the tradition of Og Mandino’s classic work, The Greatest Salesman In The World, offers specific guidance about marrying one’s integrity to one’s career in sales…creating amazing results. There has never been a deeper need for a book that shows people how they can turn their financial lives around. When All Else Fails, Sell! is destined to be a massive best seller…and a book that will inspire millions to find the greatness of their own spirit and translate that into a career of service and unimaginable success.

This book can change your life forever too!


Copyright © 2012 By David Oliphant