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The World-Famous Illustrated Classics & Other Books/Programs

David Oliphant Was Responsible For Creating Or Publishing

In many cases with the illustrated classics, David wrote the adaptations of the original work, along with the final edit on all titles. He was also responsible for the final approval of all art, text and marketing, as publisher, president and founder of Pendulum Press, Inc.

The World-Famous Illustrated Classics 

Each of these titles has an accompanying word-for-word read-along cassette produced as a radio show, complete with multi voices, music & sound effects along with a 30 /40-min full color filmstrip or VHS videos.

1)   Black Beauty                          32)  The Turn Of The Screw
2)   The Call Of The Wild                  33)  Gulliver’s Travels
3)   Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde               34)  The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
4)   Dracula                               35)  The Invisible Man
5)   Frankenstein                          36)  Journey To The Center Of The Earth
6)   Huckleberry Finn                      37)  Kidnapped
7)   Moby Dick                             38)  The MysteriousIsland
8)   The Red Badge Of Courage              39)  The Scarlet Letter
9)   The Time Machine                      40)  The Story Of My Life
10)  Tom Sawyer                            41)  A Tale Of Two Cities
11)  Treasure Island                       42)  The Three Musketeers
12)  20,000 Leagues Under The Sea          43)  The War Of The Worlds  
13)  Around The World In Eighty Days       44)  Ben Hur
14)  Captains Courageous                   45)  A Christmas Carol
15)  The Food Of The Gods                  46)  The Iliad
16)  The Hound Of The Baskervilles         47)  Ivanhoe
17)  The House Of The Seven Gables         48)  The Man In The Iron Mask
18)  Jane Eyre                             49)  The Prince And The Pauper
19)  The Last Of The Mohicans              50)  The Prisoner Of Zenda
20)  The Best Of O. Henry                  51)  The Return Of The Native
21)  The Best Of Poe                       52)  Robinson Crusoe
22)  Two Years Before The Mast             53)  The Scarlet Pimpernel
23)  White Fang                            54)  The Sea Wolf
24)  WutheringHeights                      55)  The Swiss Family Robinson
25)  Billy Budd                            56)  Lord Jim
26)  Crime And Punishment                  57)  The Mutiny On Board H.M.S. Bounty
27)  Don Quixote                           58)  The Odyssey
28)  Great Expectations                    59)  Oliver Twist
29)  Heidi                                 60)  Pride And Prejudice
30)  The Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
31)  A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court


The World-Famous Illustrated Classics

These esteemed authors include such literary greats as:

  • Anna Sewell
  • Charles Dickens
  • H.G. Wells
  • Bram Stoker
  • Herman Melville
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Emily Brontë
  • Mark Twain
  • Jack London
  • Jules Verne


The Illustrated Classics In Spanish 

 1)  Black Beauty                    13)  The Great Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
 2)  The Call Of The Wild            14)  A Christmas Carol
 3)  Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde         15)  The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
 4)  Dracula                         16)  The Invisible Man
 5)  Frankenstein                    17)  Journey To The Center Of The Earth
 6)  Huckleberry Finn                18)  The Best Of O. Henry
 7)  Moby Dick                       19)  The Best Of Poe
 8)  Don Quixote                     20)  The Odyssey
 9)  The Time Machine                21)  The Story Of My Life
 10)  Tom Sawyer                     22)  A Tale Of Two Cities
 11)  Treasure Island                23)  The Three Musketeers
 12)  The War Of The Worlds          24)  20,000 Leagues Under The Sea


Illustrated Shakespeare  

As You Like It
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Julius Caesar
Romeo And Juliet
King Lear
The Taming Of The Shrew
The Tempest
The Merchant OfVenice
Twelfth Night

  Illustrated American History 

The New World (1500 – 1750)
The  Civil War  (1850 – 1876)
The Fight For Freedom (1865 – 1915)
The Industrial Era  (1750 – 1783)
The United States Emerges (1783 – 1800)
America Becomes A World Power  (1890 – 1920)
Problems Of The New Nation    (1800 – 1830)
The Roaring Twenties And The Great Depression  (1920 – 1940)
Americans Move Westward    (1800 – 1850)
World War II (1940 – 1945)
Before The Civil War (1830 – 1860)
America Today  (1945 – 1981) 

 Illustrated Biographies 

Charles Lindbergh / Amelia Earhart
Houdini / Walt Disney
Davy Crockett / Daniel Boone
Elvis Presley / The Beatles
Benjamin Franklin / Martin Luther King, Jr.
Abraham Lincoln / Franklin D. Roosevelt
George Washington / Thomas Jefferson
Madame Curie / Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison / Alexander Graham Bell
Vince Lombardi / Pelé
Babe Ruth / Jackie Robinson
Jim Thorpe / Althea Gibson


Licensed Illustrated Contemporary Motivators 

Star Wars – George Lucas
The Caine Mutiny – Herman Wouk
Hot Rod – Henry Gregor Felson
God Is My Co-Pilot – Colonel Robert L. Scott
GuadalcanalDiary – Richard Tregaskis
Just Dial A Number – Edith Maxwell
Hiroshima– John Hersey
Banner In The Sky – James Ramsey Ullman
The Diary Of Anne Frank – Anne Frank
Lost Horizon – James Hilton



All books under this imprint were edited, directed and published by David Oliphant.

The Urban America Series, best-selling books, were written about problems in the 1970s in inner city America, by HarvardUniversity masters’ students.

  The Urban America Series 

Delinquency And Crime
The Ghetto Family
Health And The Poor
Jobs And The Color Barrier
Narcotics And Drug Abuse
Police, Courts, And The Ghetto
The Poor Pay And Pay
Venereal Disease
The War On Poverty


The American People – History Of America College Series 

This series examines the history of the United States through 1980 utilizing source material only, such as letters & journals.
The Native American People Of The East
The Native American People Of The West
The American People In Colonial New England
The American People In The Colonial South
The American People In The Antebellum North
The American People In The Antebellum South
The American People On The Western Frontier
The American People In The Industrial City
The American People In The Depression
The American People In The Age Of Kennedy


The Third World Series 

This series examines the major third world countries in the 1960s.

 1) Africa
2) East Asia
3) Latin America
4) Middle East
5) SouthAsia
6) Southeast Asia
The Research Paper Guide 

Written & Created By David Oliphant 

An invaluable research tool, based on the conventions o The MLA Style Sheet, this book has become a standard in the field Perfect for a unit on writing term papers, this popular tex presents basics of organization, research and documentatio in a very readable and interesting way.

More Books Written, Co-Authored Or Edited

By David Oliphant 

1) When All Else Fails, Sell! – By David Oliphant and Michael Levin
(Reader’s Digest Books – 2012)

2) Managing Your Stress In Today’s World – With David Oliphant, Michael Levin, and Edward A. Taub, M.D.
(Reader’s Digest Books – 2009)

2)  The OleanYankees – David Oliphant
(Finished Manuscript & Movie Treatment – 2010)

3)  The Secret Pleasures Of Menopause – Christiane Northrup, M.D. In Consultation With David Oliphant, Dr. Ferid Murad, Dr. Edward Taub, and Deborah A. Kalman
(Hay House – 2008)

4) The Wellness Solution – Dr. Edward Taub, Dr. Ferid Murad (Nobel Prize Winner For Medicine, 1998), David Oliphant
(World Almanac Library Of Wellness – 2007)

5) Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life: Dr. Taub’s 28-Day Permanent Weight Loss Plan By Edward A. Taub, M.D. and David Oliphant
(Kensington Publishing)

6) Balance Your Body, Balance Your Life: Total Health Rejuvenation Edward A. Taub, M.D. and David Oliphant
(Kensington Publishing)

7)  Childhood Illness/Book I Dr. Jack Schiller (Board-Certified Pediatrician) With David Oliphant
(Stein & Day)

8)  Childhood Injuries/Book I Dr. Jack Schiller (Board-Certified Pediatrician With David Oliphant
(Stein & Day)

9)  Childhood Illness/Book II Dr. Jack Schiller (Board-Certified Pediatrician)  With David Oliphant
(Stein & Day)  

10)  Childhood Injuries/Book II Dr. Jack Schiller (Board-Certified Pediatrician)  With David Oliphant
(Stein & Day)

11)  The Golden Years: A 12-Step Anti-Aging Plan For A Longer, Healthier And Happier Life – LawrenceB. Slobody, M.D. (President New York Medical College)
 and David Oliphant (Greenwood Press, Inc. – 1996)

12) The Comeback Kid: The Earl Morrell Story – Earl Morrell With David Oliphant
(Grossett & Dunlop)

13) The Bitch Goddess – William Hegner – A fictionalized story about Dorothy Killgallin that led William Hegner to a movie contract with Cinerama and a 10-book contract.
Edited By David Oliphant (Pocket Books)

14)  The Smuggler – Paul Peterson – Led Paul Peterson to a 10-book contract for The Smuggler Series
(Pocket Books)

15)  The Way It Is – Curt Flood With David Oliphant
(Simon & Schuster)